Application: Backup Power w/ 20ms Switching

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Time of installation:  Oct, 2016
Power: 125kW (125kW Hybrid storage inverter)
Battery confirguration: 30Kwh LFP battery

Application:  Micro-grid w/ Grid connection

Location: Luxi Island, China
Time of installation:  Jan, 2014
Power: 2MW (4 x 500kW Storage inverter)
Battery confirguration: 4Mwh Lead-carbon battery + 500kx30s Super Capacitor

Application: Load Shifting

Location: Peterburg, UK
Time of installation: May 2016
Power: 150kW Storage inverter
Battery confirguration: 2 Strings of 576kwh Lead-carbon Battery

Application: Off-grid Power Plant

Location: Yushu, China
Time of installation: Jan 2016
Power:  1.5Mw (40 or 80kW (50/100kW Hybrid Storage Inverter x 34) 
Battery confirguration: 40/80Kwh Lead-acid Battery

Application: Demand Charge Management

Location: CA, USA & South America
Time of installation:  Jun, 2017
Power: 60kW (2 x 30kW/60kWh) & Outdoor 30kw/60kwh
Battery confirguration: 60kWh LFP battery rack. 

Application: Demand Charge Management

Location: CA, USA.
Time of installation: Dec, 2017
Power: 350kW (upgradable to 500kW with extra power module and battery modules)
Battery confirguration: 750kWh LFP battery rack. 

Application: EV QC station w/ Container BES

Location: Xiangtan, China
Time of installation:  Nov, 2016
Power: 250kW + external STS cabinet
Battery confirguration: 300kWh used EV LFP battery rack. 

Application: Grid Support

Location: Dongguan, China
Time of installation:  Dec, 2016
Power: 150kW
Battery confirguration: 50kWh LFP battery rack.